AboutCreated in 2000 through the initiative of a member of the “Club Automobile Rendez-Vous des Anglaises” the “Rendez-Vous British Quebec” is a gathering of British car owners who meet to share their passion for these vehicles and making them known to visitors who are invited for free on the site.
The exhibition takes place over two days, on Friday night is on Rue Saint-Jean Important Message and the Saturday is at Domaine Maizerets.

Various activities take place during the event of Saturday such as the valve cover race. Also, there is going to be a mechanics seminar inside the main building.

To close the event, awards are given to the car having won the vote “Coup de Coeur” of the public and the car that has traveled the longest distance to the site.


June 1st 2016


June 2nd 2016


Word from the chief coordinator


Welcome to the website of the Rendez-Vous British Quebec.

The Rendez-Vous British Quebec created this website that caters to anyone who is interested directly or indirectly to British cars. Unique in its quality and quantity of information found, its contents are updated regularly.

By surfing this site you will find all information about the exhibition which will be held Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 on Domaine Maizerets in Quebec City and more.

You are invited to participate in large numbers in this activity as a visitor or volunteer.

Good navigation of the Rendez-Vous British Quebec’s website

Louis-Georges Lapointe